The Pleistocene

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There were cinder cones standing in the valley, young and basaltic-enormous black anthills of the Pleistocene. Here and there was a minor butte, an erosional remnant, kept intact by sandstone at the top, but approaching complete disintegration, and, like a melting sugar lump, soon to be absorbed into the basin plain. “In a lot of valleys in Nevada all you will see is sagebrush, and not know that eight feet below you is a hell of an interesting story,”  Deffeyes said. “I found late-Miocene horse zakelijke energie teeth over there in the Tobin Range.” “How did you know they were late Miocene?” “I didn’t. I sent them to a horse-teeth expert. I also found beaver teeth, fish, a camel skeleton, and the jaw of a rhinoceros not so far from here. The jaw was late Miocene, too. Early- and middleMiocene fossils are absent from the province. You’ll remember that wherever we have found fossils in the basin sediments the oldest have been late Miocene. So, if the vertebrate paleontologists have their heads screwed on right, the beginning of the faulting of the Basin and Range can be dated to the late Miocene. Vertebrate paleontology is an important old sport, like tossing the caber.” We left the dirt road and drove a mile or so up a pair of ruts, then continued on foot across a rough cobbly slope. We went down into a dry gulch, climbed out of it, and walked along the contour of another slope. These declivities were not discrete hills but fragments of great alluvial fans that were spilling off the zakelijke energie vergelijken mountains and were creased by streams that were as dry as cracks in leather. In their intermittent way, these streams had exposed successive layers of sediment, all of which happened to be dark in hue, with the pronounced exception of light-gray layers of ash.

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