Gerelateerde afbeelding

“Evidence would be in the rest of the conglomerate, little bits of limestone debris. Evidence would be in the seismic line.” “But that evidence could be …Y ou could imbricate the stuff that’s coming off North America.” “Yes. Yes, you can.” “So I don’t think that’s definitive.” ‘Tm not saying it is. I’m just saying here’s another possibility.  And I’m going to stick to that for the time being, as well as the Chain Lakes ophiolite.” It doesn’t matter that you don’t understand them. Even they are not sure if they are making sense. Their purpose is trying to. Everyone has crowded in. The science selects these people-with conference room hilversum their jeans and boots and scuffed leather field cases and hats of railroad engineers. To them, just being out here is in no small measure what it’s all about. “The three key things in this science are travel, travel, and travel,” one says. “Geology is legitimized tourism.” When geologists convene at an outcrop, they see their own specialties first, and sometimes last, in the rock. People listen closely for techniques applicable to areas they work in elsewhere. If someone is a specialist in little bubbles that affect cleavage planes, others will tum to the specialist for comment when cleavage is of interest in the rock. The conversation runs in links from specialty to specialty, from minutia to minutia-attempting to establish new agreement, to identify problems not under current research. From time to time, details compose. The picture vastly conference room rotterdam widens. “Aren’t we in North America?” “You are in North America. Yes.” “And you are in Europe.” ”That’s one possibility. Yes.” “You are standing across the ocean.” “No. I’m not standing across the ocean. I’m transplanted here. Is the Atlantic between me and you? No.” “You are allochthonous.” “You’re damned right I am.” “You are rootless.” “Not to mention recumbent.” “Only after hours.” “There may be another suture.” “There may be another suture, but this is the only one we’ve got.” “No, no, you’ve got another one, which goes up through Quebec.” “No, that’s not in place. The Canadian seismic line proves it.

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