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Mountains are not somehow created whole and subsequently worn away. They wear down as they ┬ácome up, and these mountains have been rising and eroding in fairly even ratio for millions of years-rising and shedding sediment steadily through time, always the same, never the same, like row upon row of fountains. In the southern part of the province, in the Mojave, the ranges have stopped rising and are gradually wearing away. The Shadow Mountains. The Dead Mountains, Old Dad Mountains, Cowhole Mountains, Bullion, Mule, and Chocolate mountains. They are inselberge now, buried ever deeper in their own waste. For the most part, though, the ranges zakelijke energie vergelijken are rising, and there can be no doubt of it here, hundreds of miles north of the Mojave, for we are looking at a new seismic scar that runs as far as we can see. It runs along the foot of the mountains, along the fault where the basin meets the range. From out in the valley, it looks like a long, buff-painted, essentially horizontal stripe. Up close, it is a gap in the vegetation, where plants growing side by side were suddenly separated by sev1 eral metres, where, one October evening, the basin and the range -Pleasant Valley, Tobin Range-moved, all in tln instant, apart. They jumped sixteen feet. The erosion rate at which the mountains were coming down was an inch a century. So in the mountains’ contest with erosion they gained in one moment about twenty thousand years. These mountains do not rise like bread.I They sit still for a long time and build up tension, and then suddenly; jump. Passively, they are zakelijke energie eroded for millennia, and then they jump again. They have I been doing this for about eight million years. This fault, which jumped in 1915, opened like a zipper far up the valley, and, exploding into the silence, tore along the mountain base for upward of twenty miles with a sound that suggested a runaway locomotive. ‘This is the sort of place where you really do not put a nuclear plant,” says Deffeyes. “There was other action in tHe neighborhood at the same time-in the Stillwater Range, the Sonoma Range, Pumpernickel Valley. Actually, this is not a particularly S_F>ectacular scarp. The lesson is that the whole thing-the whole Basin and Range, or most of it-is alive.

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